What is The Psychedelic Symposium?

The Psychedelic Symposium is a galactic society & clubhouse that has been in existence since before the creation of man. It was erected by lovers of the galaxy, the gods & goddesses, the psychedelic arts & Mother Nature, to serve as a confluence for like minded creatures.

The Symposium’s head curator, Magnus, has scoured many planets, moons & stars for the most mind-bending tapestries & pieces to line the Symposium’s walls with. Unique to our clubhouse is the kaleidoscopic infrastructure that naturally expands to provide each new piece or collection with its own cave, labyrinth or private gallery.

There is a very specific reason why each piece has a designated space within the Symposium. The founders of the Psychedelic Symposium believed that the ultimate experience of each artwork could only be attained via the addition of a chosen stimulus.

A stimulus you say..?

Prior to entering each artwork’s designated gallery, members are offered a selection of medicinal aids, from which they can only choose one. The effects of the medicine immediately hits the peak once a member steps inside the gallery & as quickly as it started, the effects dissipate once they leave.

We are of course, a “Psychedelic” Symposium.

Of course, the Symposium completely respects a member’s wishes should they choose to experience our art without the aid of any medicine.

The Psychedelic Symposium is a safe community for like-minded individuals to come together and experience life, death, love & spirituality.

However, any interactions with the spiritual world do carry some risks. Our clubhouse is not immune to the occasional interference of darker energies…

"So, where has the Symposium been the last 89 years"

The Psychedelic Symposium has been closed for the last 89 years following a major heist which left us quite shaken & stripped completely bare. The artwork has not been seen since, nor has the thief been found, despite our best efforts and the help of law enforcement across the universe. Our founders and members were distraught.

During these 89 years, Magnus set off on an inter-dimensional journey, with the aim of singlehandedly re-fitting the Symposium with a more modern collection of art. An ambitious escapade for a 1132 year old!

He has returned now with a huge array of art, and more being shipped from different corners of the galaxy - however we can see that his collection is very Earth-inspired (Magnus has said that the Earthlings have been leading the way in psychedelic ventures this last century and he wants to showcase their artistry).

So… after a brand new fit out, we are incredibly excited to announce our reopening, beginning with our STAGE ONE RELEASE!

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